Gusto Definition
Gusto Restaurants

GUSTO ~ Restaurant and Bar: Italian for taste and enjoyment

Inspired by the elegant charm of a classic Italian ristorante with a contemporary buzz and a modern, stylish interior, GUSTO brings the true "taste and enjoyment" of Italy to our guests.

We pride ourselves on the basic philosophy of provenance. To us this means sourcing responsibly, seeking out suppliers who use traditional, sustainable and natural methods of husbandry to provide the best and freshest produce available. The menu focuses on freshly prepared classic and contemporary Italian dishes featuring an excellent range of pizza, pasta, seafood and meats.

Open from early till late, GUSTO is synonymous with excellent, friendly service and not since Harry mixed that first Bellini in Venice has the cocktail been more at home in an Italian restaurant. The cocktail list is endless, stylish and fun, feel free to explore at your own leisure in any of our restaurants as they all have their own intimate and bustling bars.

GUSTO - it's all a matter of taste!